Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We had a great weekend with my family and we are so glad they decided to make the drive to see us this year. Maggie LOVED playing with her cousin and they had a great time playing with Grandma all weekend. Thanksgiving dinner was another success due mainly to Rob's delicious turkey and some rescue help from Jessica in the kitchen when sweet potatoes caught on fire! Maggie and Caddie did their first cookie bake with Mom and we had a great time downtown checking out the Natural History Museum and the Sculpture Garden. We are headed into the busiest month of the year and are excited for all of the fun things December has in store for us. Hooray for the Holidays!!


Bridget said...

more pictures please~

megven said...

Hey hey-nice pants Miss Maggie. I'm glad they fit! I agree with Bridge-more pics!