Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In reading some of my recent posts I feel I am becoming really boring (maybe except to my Mom). So, I am going to try to make my life seem a little more interesting by posting on something besides my wonderfully adorable little girl. Like what?

On the trip home Megan gave me The Zac Brown Band CD and the new ones by the Kings of Leon-both pretty good! I am really loving the KOL CD though and listen to it in the car all the time. Bridget sent me a mix of some of their older stuff which I am currently working my way through.

My sister Claire is coming to visit next week/end and Bridget will be here for Labor Day. I am super excited to see them and think they will love hanging out with Maggie. Also excited for a night out in DC with some of my gfs this week-whoo hoo!!

So am I a little less boring now? Hope so-have a great week and stay cool!!


Steph said...

I like pictures of Maggie!! And it's hard to blog about other stuff when little ones are so much of your life right now. I'm a crazy Whitney blogger now!

kd said...

I love seeing pics of Miss Maggie and hearing about her adventures in potty land.

However, I love Kings of Leon. Sex is on Fire is my ring tone! In fact, the other night at winefest when I was waiting in line, D sent me a text that said "Your sekt is on fire" What a clever man ;)

Household Sapper said...

Ok, this is funny! Because everytime I read your blog I think, "wow, theyre always doing something interesting!" Makes me feel like were boring!!

Rachel said...

Your blog is far from boring. I always look forward to reading your new posts and seeing new pics of Maggie. Miss you guys.