Monday, August 17, 2009


Maggie had a 3 day streak going where she used the potty a few times but we are back to just sitting on the chair for fun! She did say "uh-oh pee pee" today during lunch and sure enough she had a wet diaper. We are making steps in the right direction but I am guessing it will be a few more months before we are in the thick of it.

We had a nice (hot) weekend that began with a really fun Company Org day. Maggie loved seeing all of the kids, drinking lots of "melmo" juice, and hanging out with Daddy. There were lots of fun games, races, and obstacle courses for the kids and way too much food! We went to the neighborhood "camp out" (families pitched tents in the common area and camped out with s'mores, ghost stories,etc) with the Zuz's to meet some new neighbors on Saturday and had a relaxing family Sunday at home. Just what we needed after the crazy past few weeks!!

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