Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Faygo, Vernors and Bell's

I realize that there are more than delicious carbonated beverages that come from the wonderful state of Michigan but I just have to say how excited I was to bring those three items home with me (along with some others that I have been unable to find here: garlic expressions salad dressing and Nabisco chocolate wafer cookies). What do you miss from your home state and stock up on when you go home??

We are headed to the Zuzulocks for dinner tonight (yup-walking down the street). I made my favorite refrigerator cake (with the above mentioned cookies) and can't wait to dig in! Off to pack Maggie's bag and wait for Rob to get home from work!


kd said...

Nabisco Chocolate Wafer cookies are a must! How else are you supposed to make a delicious chocolate cookie crumb crust?!

Bridget said...

I miss vernors more than anything in the whole world. there is really nothing like a cold vernors on a hot day.. same thing for rock & rye by faygo.
I miss Quality Dairy milk in a bag and their cinnamon and pumpkin donuts!!!

The Crowes said...

Bridge-There will be Vernors and Rock and Rye waiting for you on Labor Day!