Thursday, August 13, 2009


Warning: potty talk to follow!!

Maggie totally surprised me today! After seeing her cousin Caddie interact with her little potty chair Maggie became really interested in "pee-pee". She said it all the time and pointed to her diaper. I kind of thought she was just copying Caddie but we bought her a potty chair anyways when we were out on Sunday. She has been sitting on the chair all week with no results-totally OK with me as I think it is still way early to start potty training. However, during playgroup this morning she walked over to the bathroom and said "mommy-pee pee". We all laughed but I took her in and let her sit there for a few minutes. To my shock and surprise she peed in her potty!! Its hard to tell if it is just a coincidence or the start of a new and wonderful diaper free household but either way-we were all excited. Nothing like a bunch of ladies getting really excited about pee. I will keep you posted on the progress or lack there of, but for today, I will continue to smile and think- I have a really smart little girl!!